Modus V High-Powered Robotic Neurosurgical Microscope Unveiled by Synaptive


Synaptive Medical, a Toronto, Canada firm, is releasing its Modus V digital robotic surgical microscope. The optical components of the microscope reside on a robotic arm, the technology in which is partially based on the Canadarm device on the International Space Station. The high powered microscope offers the greatest magnification of any comparable system, allowing neurosurgeons to see the smallest tissue details currently possible. Synaptive believes that the system will not only make work easier with neurosurgeons, but also allow for less invasive procedures in many cases, significantly benefiting patients. These benefits may include quicker recoveries, fewer post-op complications, and even in some situations the ability to operate where it would otherwise be inappropriate using other technologies.

The system offers hands-free tracking of surgical instruments, automatically focusing on the area being worked on. The motion of the arm can be pre-programmed, allowing for a procedure to proceed from one step to the next without having to fiddle with the microscope. The range of motion of the robotic arm has been maximized as much as possible so that it can be positioned at different angles, giving a view of the surgical scene while staying out of the way of the clinicians. Additionally, to help keep focus on the task at hand, system settings can be quickly accessed on the same main screen on which the output of the microscope is displayed, preventing the surgeon from having to access setting on the microscope itself and thereby averting one’s gaze.

Here’s a short promo video for the Modus V:

Product page: Modus V…

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