LG device rolls through the FCC, looks like a new G4 variant

Documents for a new LG device have appeared on the FCC’s website yesterday with the product number “H815PX”. The LG G4’s product number for the South American and South African variant is “H815P”.
It is not clear why LG would keep the “815**” code since the US variants use the numbers “H810”, and “H811” for AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively, while Sprint and Verizon models don’t even start with “H” but “LS” and “VS”.
The original launch of the LG G4 did not include wireless charging out of the box, rather, an optional charging cover was required to use this feature. These FCC documents show wireless charging as a major feature of this device. Could this be a variant of the LG G4 with wireless charging out of the box coming out in time for the holiday season?
Could this even be the LG G5? Unlikely – perhaps this is just a refresh of the LG G4 and not even a brand new phone. We just don’t see how this can be an LG G5 when the product number on the documents is so close to the original G4’s “H815” released back in April of this year.
At this point, for all we know this could even be an LG V10 variant. There isn’t any way of knowing until LG sends out invitations for an event or carriers start selling new variants of the same phone.


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