Google Duo and ViLTE Integration coming to Phone, Contacts, and Messages Apps for Android One, Pixel, and Nexus devices


Google has announced that they are starting to roll out integrated video calling for Android One, Google Pixel, and Google Nexus devices that have the Google dialer application installed. This makes it easier for all users to have a face-to-face chat with their loved ones as Google implemented a new menu option when selecting your contact to dial in the phone application. You’ll see an option titled “Video Call” displayed under the name of your selected contact through the Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages applications.

Google states that this new integration relies on ViLTE (Video over LTE) technology if the person calling as-well-as the person being called is on a carrier that supports ViLTE. If not, both must install and set up Google Duo in order to perform a video call. Google also states that the ability to convert an on-going voice call to a functioning video call will arrive later this year.


Google is currently working with their carrier and device partners in order to roll the update with integrated video calling out to various other devices. In addition, support for the latest Google Pixel 2 smartphones is a work in progress.

It’s nice to see Google improve start to integrate more of their newer services into existing Google apps. Many people initially scoffed at the introduction of Google Allo/Duo, since these two apps were seen as yet another attempt by Google to compete with existing messaging solutions. However, moves like this place Duo in a great position to be more widely adopted, especially because it’s integrated somewhere that far more people are likely to see.

We’ve seen other improvements being made to Google’s dialer app, though those have yet to roll out. We’re sure to hear more about these features in future APK teardowns, though, so hopefully it won’t be long before more feature additions make their way to these Google apps.

  Source: Google

Source: xda-developers


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