A Reminder: Medical Sci-Fi Writing Contest


We are accepting entries in our annual Medical Sci-Fi Writing Contest. You still have time to polish the prose and to twist the story line.

Medgadget is looking for science fiction stories that imagine the future of medicine. This future may involve the good and the bad, including fantastic treatments of disease and moral dilemmas that new technologies bring about.

Here are the rules:

  • Your fictional essay has to be 250-2500 words. Text. English language.
  • Top entries will be printed here and, therefore, must be safe for work and families. Please, just keep the language clean.
  • Judges will be blinded. Blinded by your dazzling prose, yes, but also to your identity. We are assembling an all-star judging panel, so you can be assured your work will be reviewed by accomplished writers, physicians, and a few fans of Blade Runner.
  • Submissions from anonymous writers are accepted, but we will need an address or PO Box to send you your prize!
  • This year’s winner will receive from us a gift, the very impressive Eko digital stethoscope that we reviewed recently.
  • Entries are due on November 26nd. Winners will be announced, and stories reprinted here on Medgadget, on December 15. Send in your submissions to: scifi@medgadget.com.

That’s it! Get your thinking and imagination caps on and start typing! Feel free to browse our archives … for inspiration.

Source: Medgadget


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